Play to protect Lyf, a sleepy creature dozily struggling up a tall and dangerous tower! Experience cotton candy visials and befriend the adoreable Lyf as you clear the way up the tower. Tap and swipe to Destroy rubble, Slash vines, and Solve puzzles that rise up into the real world with AUGMENTED REALITY. Lyf's magical tower can spiral up from the ground, tables, or anything your phone camera can look at, so explore every inch of it as Lyf makes their way up!

180 New Montgomery Street

San Francisco, CA  94105




Our Team




Play your way through a dream that appears in your living room!

© 2016 by Twilight Tower. Proudly created with

Benjamin Tovar

Lead Designer. Whatever goes wrong, he's the one to blame

Steven Goodale


Instructor, Creator of the project, leading the team with his incredible haircut

Yichen 'Hal' Zhang

Art Lead, his hatred against Ben is what drives him

Leon Kuo

Technical Artist. Spent 90% of his time created an awesome model of BMW M4 but never implemented into the game

Joe Xinyu Zhou


Producer and Marketing. Keep the project on track with Steven Goodale's help



Game Designer. 'Clearly the best and most important member of not just this team, but any given team.' he claims

Holden Hutchins


Game designer, cool dude

Jinhua Lin


Our incredible UI designer who commutes from LA to SF every week just to work with the team

Amy Wong

Amazing rigger, just amazing as ever

Graham Pezzuti

Audio lead, does all kinds of stuff, and other kinds of stuff

Jen-Chieh Shen


Programmer, focused on Augmented Reality technology

Tony Wei


Technical consultant, fix problems that no one else can

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